Todd Russell

Drums, vocals

From over the hill in Delhi, New York, Todd Russell was singing and being serenaded as a youngster. School at Delaware Academy further fueled his musical education and inspiration. His parents were behind him all the way, supporting his musical endeavors. This included the requisite garage drum set where he and friends would jam on Sundays (after church, of course).

The Stones, fellow Esquela band mates Keith Christopher and Brian Shafer, classic R&B, Eric Ambel, Credence Clearwater Revival, and Neil Young have helped shape his musical framework. Russell prides himself on being comfortable across a wide range of musical genres, pointing to his punk band gig during his study abroad year in South Africa, to a brief fling with an Atlanta hardcore band, and up to present day musical endeavors with Liquid Me and Esquela.

Russell found his way to Esquela via band frontman, Chico Finn, who gave him a berth as a fill-in drummer for an earlier band, Future Farmers of America. When Esquela was preparing for their 2010 “Hands on My Jammies” video, Russell joined the band and has been a part of the group since. Russell lives on a steady diet of music with his hands on all facets, from performing to promoting, through Clean Green Music, an online music promotion company. He has collaborated with the likes of producer Jeff Da Bella (Mansion Audio), Bloodshot Records, and Rusty Knuckles.

When not riffing with Esquela, Russell plays in local band, Liquid Me, and indulges the musical whims of his two young daughters.