Matt Woodin

Mandolin, guitar

Matt Woodin grew up in the hamlet of Andes, New York, and attended Delaware Academy where the drums became his instrument of choice. The radio was a running soundtrack in his childhood home. The Band, The Grateful Dead, Dire Straits, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and all things Motown, further informed his musical path growing up.

Ever evolving as a musician, Woodin added guitar and mandolin to his portfolio of talents. He’ll drop everything to play music with friends, where he finds a fertile environment in which to grow as a musician. Music is his “off-switch” to the real world, a place to clear his head. He had shared the stage with vocalist Rebecca Frame in local band, The Honest Mistakes, for a time, and this led to an eventual tryout for Esquela, who was fishing for a mandolin player.

A land surveyor in his other life, Woodin wanders the Catskill Mountains using stonewalls to guide him as he keeps watch over the forests. His two teenagers fill his brag book and keep him driving all over the county.