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On the Bright Side: Local band to play at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Mark Boshnack Staff Writer | September 2015
A Delaware County-based roots band will be competing at the Rock and Roll...
A Delaware County-based roots band will be competing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Saturday in the PlayOff competition to search for the best company band in the world. It is sponsored by the Hall and Inc. magazine.

Esquela earned the right to compete by winning in May at the Nashville regional competition, according to the event website.

Band frontman John “Chico” Finn, 45, is from Bovina, who founded the band in 2008, said “it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” The band’s current album is “Are We Rolling?”

The link to the event Saturday will be live starting at 7 p.m. at Esquela is scheduled to perform for about 15 minutes at 8:10 p.m., Finn said. The judges include Dickey Betts of the Allman Brothers.

Music is a creative outlet for Finn, the chief executive officer of Indiepay, a Manhattan-based payroll processor in the film and television industry. It has an office in Delhi.

With the addition of a singer from the company, Allyson Wilson, the band met the criteria that 50 percent of its members had to work for the company and they couldn’t be professional musicians, he said.

Matt Woodin, a company employee, plays guitar. Others from outside Indiepay are Brian Shafer on guitar, Rebecca Frame on vocals and Todd Russell on drums and vocals, all of whom have ties to the area.

The band is performing on the way to the Cleveland show with stops scheduled at venues in Rochester and Buffalo, according to a media release.

Finn, who learned to play bass at age 31, said that although he does some vocals, he is more of an instrumentalist and songwriter.

“It will be a great experience,” he said, adding that the hardest part was getting through the regionals. Although most bands were from larger companies, “we were the only one that did originals,” he said. He said he will be happy whatever the results.

“This will be the icing on the cake,” he said.

He said he has no plans to quit his day job, no matter how the band does, but he’s hopeful the appearance will lead to more gigs in this area.

“I wouldn’t want to be on the road for most of the year,” he said.

More information about the band can be found on its website, (Google translation) (Google translation) | January 2015
The sextet Esquela is a six-member band from sunny California...
The sextet Esquela is a six-member band from sunny California after “The Owl Has Landed” from the year 2010 a few months before her second album “Rolling Are We?” has published. Involved in the band is the Georgia Satellites founding member Keith Christopher, who was not involved in the recording of ten tracks, along with John ‘Chico’ Finn but nine of the ten songs collected here wrote. Featured is really good roots rock with great melodies and catchy choruses.

Can make immediately feel the front lady Rebecca frame that features a super strong, sometimes even soulful voice. It would have been a shame if a number like “Free Beer” would not go immediately into the legs. But does it naturally and the listener gets right at the start before offered a cool mid-tempo rocker that is not necessarily profound, but makes a hell of fun.

Speaking of profound: So it’s done, however, immediately in the form of anti-war number “No Questions” section. “Take us to war, add ‘just no questions and do what you are commanded. If you follow this simple rule, you will then also guaranteed to go to heaven! “In a nutshell here a damn devilish game is brought to the point at which a human life is not so much times more valuable as an empty department store for a kleptomaniac … great song!

However, the Californians have a lot of fun in the cheeks, as the only one of ‘Chico’ Finn brought to the Lead Vocals Track “phone home” proves. Rebecca frame is here only to hear with their backing vocals, but what they also solves really good. “My Friend” has completely removed Neil Young bonds when “‘In A Free World Rockin’ thinks of pieces such as. But the mere song and the arrangement of the track make this Chose then back to a pure Esquela piece.

One of my favorites is “Free Bird” (not the Skynyrd song), while the band and show off especially Rebecca frame again quite large. Quite apart from the obvious live atmosphere in the studio, this song is not only in the legs, but primarily in the stomach. On top of that the track is still an absolute catchy tune that would have been my first choice for a single (the band decided, probably because of the message, for “No Questions”).

In the single cover of the disc is “Tossin ‘And Turnin'”, which originally released in 1961 by Bobby Lewis classic, which has since been covered many times over. From Esquela the number gets a fine rock painting representing a successful completion of this album.

“Are We rolling?” is a plate that you listen to how much fun the band had in the studio. And this joy as well as ease automatically transmitted to the receiver. First, because this really good song material is present, further because we are dealing with great musicians and to a really hot singer. Actually, there is only one drawback, and that means the season of just a little over half an hour. Otherwise you get really strong material offered here.

Who the term does not necessarily interfere (and appreciate the skills of the former Steve Earle & The Dukes member Eric ‘Roscoe’ Ambel as producer knows) or if the part is available at a fair price, then you should definitely strike if you stands on really great homemade American Roots Rock!


Esquela, Are We Rolling?
David Hintz | March 2014
This had the look and initial sound of being a good bar band, maybe a...
This had the look and initial sound of being a good bar band, maybe a really good bar band. But after a few songs went by, it is clear that Esquela has a firm grasp of the sound of the American heartland and can play roots rock with the best of them. Rebecca Frame’s lead vocals stand out nicely as her strength is not as overt as a Joplin (whose is?), but she has a quiet power that resonates with the crisp attack of the guitar work on top of the punch rhythm section. This music goes down smoothly and satisfyingly without a lot of frills. This is rock music of any age and it would be hard not enjoy this band on a stage in a club near you. Being that they are not too terribly far away from me, I hope that happens for me some day soon.


Esquela, Are We Rolling?
Strutterzine | February 2014
Wow! Now this is what I call a voice! The ESQUELA BAND is...
Wow! Now this is what I call a voice! The ESQUELA BAND is coming out of Bovina, New York, and they feature an amazing female singer called Rebecca Frame. She sounds magical and possesses a voice which you do not hear very often. BETH HART and DANA FUCHS might be good comparisons, but actually Rebecca has her own identity and while listening you might really think she’s a black Gospel singer from the 1960s or something! Anyway, thankfully the music is also quite good, rocking harder than expected, this Americana/Bluesy rootsy rock and roll band offers some serious high quality rock and roll, with great guitarwork by lead guitarist Brian Shafer. The first 3 songs are very strong uptempo pieces, while the following pieces are slightly calmer, but “Out of Sight” picks up the uptempo style again. That is one of the strongest songs by the way, even musically it reminds me a bit of 1970s HEART with vocals that sound like JANIS JOPLIN and GRACE SLICK. I have absolutely no idea why this band has not been discovered yet, because they would definitely do well across the European Summer Music Festival scene. Check them out for yourself.

CountryWood (Translated from Swedish)

Esquela, Are We Rolling?
Georg Ryttman | November 2013
With humorous, historical, and political texts tops indie-root Americana...
With humorous, historical, and political texts tops indie-root Americana Group Esquela their music. The group uses its rural roots as basis for songwriting, but does not let herself be limited by them in the choice of subjects.

In this [sexmannaband] included Rebecca Frame on vocals, Brian Shafer, lead guitar, Chico Finn, bass and vocals, Todd Russell, drums, and Ira McIntosh and Matt Woodin on guitars. Originally the band started as a duo, but has gradually expanded its number of band members. And they have each inspired by different artists / groups and musical styles, ranging from country music with Merle Haggard and Buck Owens to heavy metal and punk with The Ramones and others. Rebecca Frame sings with a little småhes voice, which is good for soul and blues. The music is also a hip bluesy, country and soul-like combination of the root components in a single pot. And it simmer on pretty well for this New York-based band. Sometimes it boils additionally up properly, as in “My friend”. On “Too far left” shows Esquela’s up his country-side, and the disc ends with Bobby Lewis old rock n ‘roll song “Tossin’ and turnin ‘.”

Esquela – which is Spanish for school – from Bovina, New York, has given his slice it a little funny title Are We Rolling? One can always guess that it was a trite sentence in the recording studio. The songs are, however as they should and the band has been getting approved in [läxprovet.]


Esquela, Are We Rolling?
BillyBop | November 2013
Hailing from NY, The Esquela Band is the haven for Chico Finn...
Hailing from NY, The Esquela Band is the haven for Chico Finn and his band. Fronting the group is singer Rebecca Frame who does posses a bright yet powerful voice that certainly is appealing for the kind of music the band is playing. And it’s that typical kind of music I like to discuss here : Roots Rock. Drenched in part blues, a dip of boogie, lot’s of rock and roll and tons of other ingredients this band brings you a solid rocking, roots rock album simply called “Are We Rocking”. Helming the project is nobody else then Eric Ambel, formerly from the Del-Lords a band that impressed me a lot. (Actually for the Del Lords Fan, I can tell you they have a new album out, the first one in 23 years)

Are We Rolling? gives you a good and happy go lucky sound with their catchy blues, harmony vocals and dynamic crossover between rock & blues. Songs like “Free Beer”, “Genesee Fever” or the rock ballad “No Questions” will certainly get under your skin after listening a couple of times.

— Mr Blue Boogie

R2 Rock ‘N’ Reel

Esquela, Are We Rolling?
R2 Rock 'n' Reel | November 2013
Ramshackle honky-blues boogie are on offer from Esquela...
Review Shorts

Ramshackle honky-blues boogie are on offer from Esquela on Are We Rollling? a good time party of a record featuring contributions from Eric “Roscoe” Ambel and Keith Christopher. Rebecca Frame’s good ol’ girl vocals will either make it or break it for you.

Sur La Route de Memphis (Translated from French)

Esquela, Are We Rolling?
Sur La Route de Memphis | October 2013
An album that is worth trying. The Esquela group , based in New York...
An album that is worth trying. The Esquela group , based in New York since 2009 includes five musicians who have gravitated to the rock scene in recent decades in formations that can be described as high (Georgia Satellites, etc.). Musicians who were joined by singer Rebecca Frame who is exceptionally talented. Indeed, it is the voice that dominates this album, a solid voice and well developed on all of the songs, it is supported by guitarist Brian Shafer which makes it also a great work, but talkative electric guitar be noisy or intrusive the rest of the accompaniment is perfectly in place. There a little banjo or mandolin. Important element, the sound is excellent – an attractive result from first to last song. How would you describe the music Esquela ? Seems it is generally more rock with references that can be called or sixties roots of Americana. Of the 10 songs available, 9 are original songs, the only cell recovery is the classic “Tossin and Turnin” especially sent. Then there are so many rock songs as “My friend” the coolest rock with “No issues ” pop with ” Too far left” and even the country with male voice on “Phone Home” This second album of Esquela is a success mainly due to the powerful voice of Rebecca Frame.


Esquela, Are We Rolling?
Landslide on Dutch Radio | October 2013

Listen to Landslide on Dutch Radio.

Rootsy (Translated from Swedish)

Esquela, Are We Rolling?
Rootsy | October 2013
This is not the first time a band from New York sounds like that irresistibly...
Find the original Swedish review here.

This is not the first time a band from New York sounds like that irresistibly cocky I just have to surrender. In Esquelas cases it is skewed brash guitars in a honky tonk punk landscape with political lyrics somewhere where commitment meets cynicism. And amid riff making is not afraid to throw in a nice mandolin, just for good measure. The band’s greatest asset, however, is the singer, the fabulous Rebecca Frame. Very vote for allowance, so to speak.

Ikon (Translated from Swedish)

Esquela, Are We Rolling?
Roger Bengtsson | October 2013
I was a bit like that småfört just the Georgia Satellites in its...
Find the original Swedish review here.

I was a bit like that småfört just the Georgia Satellites in its time and it is fun to Keith Christopher who co-founded the band has been written all the songs except one on Are We Rolling? The he co-wrote, Tossin ‘And Turnin’ Me is also like that hot dishes to my heart when even Peter Criss (ex-Kiss) interpreted it on his solo album in 1978. Ok, there was no damn plate and the song itself is well also not something you call your buddies and talk about, but it has anyway a Kiss-clutch and that’s worth a lot.

Esquela sounds on the other hand neither Kiss or Georgia Satellites Habila mix of AC / DC and Status Quo, but the hot mixture of old rock, soul and a little honky tonk gives a pleasant feeling. Rebekah Frame sings cannon and including Out ​​Of Sight and My Friend, I listen well to many times.

The Music Machine (Translated from Serbian)

Esquela, Are We Rolling?
Branimir Lokner | September 2013
A New York-based band, Esquela, is a relatively newer act...
Find the original Serbian review here.

A New York-based band, Esquela, is a relatively newer act, under the indie roots/americana umbrella. Firstly, they have discographicaly started with “The Owl Has Landed” album, and a few months ago, they are hailing with actuelle product, a CD entitled “Are We Rolling?”. And, a simply answer is – yes. Esquela in best possible way communicate with rock/americana/country rock/roots music variants, and also with 70′s flavours and additionals as well. A soulful voice of singer Rebecca Frame characterize an atmosphere in its songs, penned mostly by bass player Chico Finn. In many aspects a 6 piece New yorkers reminds on known 70′s acts, but psychologically they also elegantly captures a standards of our time. “Are We Rolling?” are consists of mainly equalizing materials, and one “classic” – “Tossin’ And Turnin’”.

99.1 The Whale

Esquela, Are We Rolling?
99.1 The Whale | August 2013
Esquela, a band who members say are '“a proud purveyor of Bovina Rock sound...'
99.1 The Whale

Esquela, a band who members say are “a proud  purveyor of Bovina Rock sound.” The band sings about topics we can all relate to; war, politics, relationships and everyone’s everyday life. Esquela is amazingly long in talent with original songwriting pushing forth a passionate rock sound with masterful lyrics that draws listeners in with a classic raw Americana Rock Sound.

Featuring John “Chico” Finn on vocals and bass, Rebecca Frame on vocals, amazing Brian Shafer on lead guitar, Todd Russell on vocals and drums, Matt Woodin playing mandolin and guitar, Ira McIntosh-Guitar, mandolin and banjo, and Keith Christopher on guitar and the music director, these guys rock the Delaware Valley.

Country Jukebox (Translated from German)

Esquela, Are We Rolling?
Country Jukebox | August 2013
The sextet from Bovina, New York, to the singer Rebecca Frame...
Country JukeBox (original review)

The sextet from Bovina, New York, to the singer Rebecca Frame and guitarist John “Chico” Finn, convinced more than two years after The Owl Has Landed, the debut album from Esquela on Are We Rolling? with 10 exciting songs. Originated the plate is again under the experienced direction of Americana / rock legend Eric “Roscoe” Ambel, who was responsible for the first-ever. The band to which even Brian Shafer, Ira McIntosh, Matt Woodin and Todd Russell include suppressed from the start to the pedal to the metal through and delighted in plays such as “Free Beer”, “phone home” and “Free Bird” with a love of detail mix of edgy guitar riffs, amazing vocal harmonies and catchy rhythms extremely complex. Degree Liniger, cool Roots / Americana!

Rocktip (Translated from German)

Esquela, Are We Rolling? | July 2013
And one more thing from the production of the legend Eric 'Roscoe' Ambel...

And one more thing from the production of the legend Eric “Roscoe” Ambel. Plus Keith Christopher (Dan Baird & Homemade Sin, The Georgia Satellites, The Yayhoos) as musical director and as an aid in songwriting. Since it can go wrong but nothing more. And so it is. The band from Bovina, NY to singer Rebecca Frame has (see link to our review below) compared to the previous year increased by light. This album rocks cool and relaxed follows that it is a real pleasure. Which looks like the deep relaxation of the works of Eric Ambel with his “Roscoe’s Gang”. Chico Finn takes to “phone home” and the lead vocals here sounds almost like the great master.

A clear rocktip!

Roots Highway (Translated from Italian)

Esquela, Are We Rolling?
Fabio Cerone | August 2013
The rock 'n roll tradition is alive in the New York area...
Read the original review here.

The rock ‘n roll tradition is alive in the New York area, and despite all appearances, continues to attract underground musicians and bands that have fueled an alternative music  scene. An example of this trend is the Esquela band. Keith Christopher, a former member of the Georgia Satellites, formed the band with bassist John “Chico” Finn, who later transitioned into the role of co-writer. Eric Ambel (together in Yayhoos) produced both their debut album, The Owl has Landed and later, Are We Rolling?

The skilled, soulful and spirited voice of Rebecca Frame amplifies a balance between guitars and mandolins (Brian Shafer and Matt Woodin), country folk (Too Far Left ), traditional rock (Free Bird) and the roots of core rock (No Questions, Out of Sight) similar to what Hangdogs or Bottle Rockets performed a few seasons ago. The fact that it flows smoothly is a clear indication of the direction American music with no-frills is taking, and it’s especially complimentary for an evening out at the pub. Asking for anything more is frankly impossible.

Rootstime (Translated from Dutch)

Esquela, Are We Rolling? | June 2013
Bovina, New York, is the home of bassist John 'Chico' Finn
Rootstime, European music site

Bovina, New York, is the home of bassist John “Chico” Finn, and guitarist Keith Christopher, co-songwriters of the sextet ‘Esquela’, dedicated to delivering the real roots rock of Americana music. The band includes the great singer Rebecca Frame, lead guitarist Brian Shafer, guitarists Ira McIntosh and Matt Woodin and drummer Todd Russell.

Producer Eric “Roscoe” Ambel, who has worked with Ryan Adams, Marshall Crenshaw and ‘New Heathens’, is a former member of ‘Joan Jett & The Blackhearts’ and today is in ‘The Del-Lords’, was on the buttons in the recording studio. In three days, Esquela and Ambel had cut the basic tracks Are We Rolling? — the follow up to the bands’ debut album, The Owl Has Landed from early 2010.

The soulful and powerful voice of Rebecca Frame reminds us of Brittany Howard, the singer of the successful band ‘Alabama Shakes’ from their album “Boys & Girls” which stole so many awards last year. Dynamic, energetic, and at times, lustful sounding, Frame delivers on everything from roots rockers like “Free Beer”, “Free Bird”, “Genesee Fever” as well as on the more sensitive ballads on the disc like “No Questions”, “Frozen Chosin” and again on the easy-listening country-rocker “Too Far Left”. Chico Finn takes the lead vocals on the track “Phone Home”, again enhanced by Frame’s striking harmony vocals.

The crucial question remains how long it will take before this group ventures to Europe because we have been long convinced that they would catch on quickly here and play packed houses because Esquela’s Are We Rolling? brings the sound that the typical, critical European audience craves.

Crossroads KYRS

Esquela, Are We Rolling?
Bob Rice | June 2013
Bob Rice, host of Crossroads on KYRS radio in Spokane, Wash., discusses...
Bob Rice, host of Crossroads on KYRS radio in Spokane, Wash., discusses the roots of Esquela and their latest album, Are We Rolling?  in an interview with band founder, John “Chico” Finn.  Listen to the interview here.

The Alternate Root

Esquela, Are We Rolling?
Bill Hunley | May 2013
Esquela recorded 'Are We Rolling' live...
Esquela recorded “Are We Rolling” live over the course of three days in a Tijuana brothel, once occupied by Charles Bukowski and Jack Kerouac, along with Eric ‘Roscoe’ Ambel, a Tascam 8 track recorder, the Bovina Rock Primer, 11 bottles of tequila and an ounce of pure Columbian “mother of pearl” shale. Well, actually none of that is even remotely true, (except for the Eric ‘Roscoe’ Ambel part), but this album is so cool it deserves a story that resists the every day mundane description of recorded at blah-blah studios, by a guy that recorded with so and so…you get the picture. Actually I have no idea what the specifics were that went into the recording of “Are We Rolling” but the end result cries out for something bigger than the typical “one-sheet” shuffle.

Truth be told, a lot of what’s going on today in the “Americana” world is pretty contrived. When something appears to be gaining ground on the commercial front the “shape shifters” line up and mold themselves into the “flavor and sons” of the month. Problem is, even the biggest Americana records aren’t leading to guitar shaped pools and tour buses full of groupies yet, so for god’s sake people, be yourselves and just make music that’s real or at least really yours. That is right in ‘Roscoe’ Ambel’s wheelhouse. Come ready to play, be yourself and he’ll twist the right knobs to make sure you don’t leave with something that feels like you picked it out of a magazine in the waiting room and said “make me that.”

So, back to Esquela. “Are We Rolling” is the sophomore effort from the Binghamton, NY based band and it teams up the same basic cast of lead characters as the debut “The Owls Have Landed.” Ex Georgia Satellite Keith Christopher (guitars) and Esquela founder John “Chico” Finn (bass, vocals) once again brew up a mix of honky-tonk melody laced with truck stop diesel energy and Gypsy-punk harmonies that all wrap very neatly around Rebecca Frame’s “cooler than snake oil” sales pitch. Rebecca Frame makes me wonder what an early Grace Slick might have sounded like through a cow-punk filter. Like all the old time Gypsy wagons, Esquela opens the doors to stragglers found along the way and newcomers to the show this time around are drummer Todd Russell and guitarist Brian Shafer with twang provided by Ira MacIntosh (guitar and banjo) and Matt Woodin (guitar and mandolin). All of that and the keen guidance once again by one of the truly original and honest production voices out there, Eric Ambel, and the second helping of Esquela is just as tasty and goes down just as easy as the first.

That said, this is a serious album from a band that comes out swinging on subjects ranging from politics and labor to war and religion with lyrical sting and roundhouse punches at both the left and right side of greed, hypocricy and immorality. They aren’t marching in lock step with anyone but themselves and their own drum beat and you have to love that about any artist. Is this “every-note-is-perfect,”” overdubbed-to-infinitum,”” cookie-cutter-Americana-bullshit?” Um, no…it’s more say, let’s write a bunch of cool songs about the world around us and record an album like we play live; raw, full of emotion, human imperfection and most of all “don’t-take-yourself-so-fucking-serious,” like music is supposed to be. Bottom line, this is how to make an album folks. Be real, be honest, say something substantial and don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Now if the Americana music scene at large would only take notice.