Brian Shafer

Lead guitar

Brian Shafer spent many a Sunday afternoon camping out in his brother’s bedroom, listening to three-hour playbacks of an affiliated Hard Rock/Heavy Metal radio show recorded on cassette tapes. Then, along came MTV and Circus Magazine, cultural touchstones that solidified his education as a rocker. Hair bands of the 80s and early 90s were big influences as well as jam bands, country blues, funk, 70’s guitar rock, and singer-songwriters. Too many to list, he notes.

A native upstater, Shafer was born just a shade outside of Delaware County in Oneonta, grew up in Stamford and now lives in the Schoharie county village of Richmondville. Here, he makes a home with girlfriend, and vocalist, Rebecca Frame who brought him into the Esquela fold.

Shafer’s day job is at the Schoharie ARC where he works as a community leader. When not performing with Esquela, he collaborates with Frame, performing duets at local venues. He also plays guitar with John Scarpulla and George Kilby, Jr.